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Former Faculty

Former Faculty
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Michael Morrissey
Professor Emeritus
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General interests include food processing, biochemistry, food safety and traceability and development of value-added products from agricultural and marine resources. Specific interests include working with small to mid-size food processors and entrepreneurs in helping them integrate new...

Yi-Cheng Su

Microbial growth in seafoods during processing and storage, rapid methods for detecting microbial pathogens and toxins in seafoods, innovative technologies for preserving quality, extending shelf life and ensuring safety of seafood products.

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  R. W. Allgeier  

First Director, February 1940 - Summer 1940

Background: Biochemistry

Haejung An  

Associate professor, 1991-2000

Background: Ph.D. University of Florida, Food Science & Technology

David L. Crawford  

Director, 1966-1991

Professor Emeritus, 1991-current

Background: Food Science

Edward Harvey  

Director: 1941 - 1965

Background: Food Technology

  Lucilla Lampilla  


Assistant Professor

Duncan Law  

Professor, 1944-1984

Professor Emeritus, 1984 - 2013

Background: Food Science & Technology

Russell Sinnhuber  

Associate Professor, 1942-1957, OSU Seafood Lab

Professor, 1957-1981, OSU Department of Food Science & Technology, Corvallis

Professor Emeritus, 1981-2003


1939 B.S. Organic Chemistry, Michigan State University

1941 M.S. Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University

  Teh Chu (T.C.) Yu  

Assistant professor, 1951-1957

Background: M.S. Oregon State University, Food Science & Technology