Seafood Microbiology Lab

The seafood microbiology laboratory is a 580 sf Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) facility. This means research can be conducted using common foodborne pathogens. This facility has a laminar hood and all the equipment needed to culture and ID microorganisms. The laboratory contains a 4 ft laminar hood, two upright incubators, upright -80 freezer, table top incubators, ultracentrifuge, microcentrifuge, sonicator, Protean 2II gel electrophoresis units, themocyclers and nanophotometer.

The Seafood Microbiology Lab also has a 160 sf BSL2 pilot facility space adjacent to the laboratory to support pilot level research with foodborne pathogens. This space has been used to conduct depuration experiments with oysters and crustaceans.  As a result, it contains two lab scale depuration systems with each system containing two 100 L reservoirs.  It also contains a 600 L pilot scale depuration system. 

Across the hall from the microbiology lab is the autoclave room.

Adjacent to the microbiology lab is the Seafood Analytical Lab which also contains three preparative centrifuges, a table micro centrifuge and Bio-Rad CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System for multiplex PCR.