Pilot Plant

The Seafood Lab Pilot Plant is approximately 3,500 sq. ft. with a loading dock.  It has approximately 550 sq. ft. of cold storage.  One freezer of 160 sq. ft., one flexible freezer/refrigerator storage space of 160 sq. ft., and about 200 sq ft refrigerated storage space.  The facility is designed for flexible usage with excess power, water, and steam access.  It contains a three compartment commercial sink with both stainless steel and poly top mobile cutting tables.  Equipment currently housed include an Enviro-Pak CVU-200E Smoker (capacity ~ 50 lbs raw material), Wolf-Tec Imax 350 Injector, Dixie Vertical Retort (capacity ~50 lbs raw material) with flexible retort holder and Multivac flexible retort sealer, Reiser Vacuum Sealer, and 2L Jacketed Engineered Pressure System High Hydrostatic Press (up to 600 MPa).

The pilot facility is used to support various research projects by faculty.  It is also used for service fee projects including product development and shelf-life studies (with or without retail lights).