David L. Crawford

staff photo

"Effective January 1966, Dr. David Crawford, a young assistant professor in Food Science who was working with Professor Sinnhuber, was named program director of the Laboratory.  In February Oregon State University received money from the Fish Commission to work on two projects.  The first was to study the use of hake (Pacific whiting), dogfish, and other by-products for poultry feed, fish feed, and other purposes, and the second was to develop new uses for another underuilized species, shad."

"In the 1960s, when the modified Louisiana shrimp peeling machines were being installed in Oregon plants, one major drawback was the high waste to recovery ratio.  With only a 15-20 percent return, there was very little profit margin.  The industry needed a way to boost the return.  Seafoods Laboratory Director Dave Crawford tacked the problem and developed a phosphate dip that left less meat attached to the shell and more in the finishing pan.  By 1981 he had perfected the technique and shared his results with the industry.  The new technique resulted in yield of 28-31 percent, a dramatic improvement, one that put the shrimp industry on a much more solid financial footing."

Source: Astoria Seafoods Laboratory, the first 60 years (1938-1998) by Pamela A. Rogers