Edward Harvey

staff photo

"The new director, Dr. Edward Harvey, was a young food technologist from Massachusetts who had come to Oregon to work with the famous Ernest Wiegan.  With his transfer from the main Oregon State College campus to Astoria, Harvey faced the taks of making something new out of the old cannery.  Coming from the East Coast where the fishing industry was hundreds of years old and where cod fisheries had been a prime reason for settlement, Harvey had a vision for expanding the Northwest's single focus on salmon.  During his tenure at the Seafoods Laboratory, from 1941 to 1965, he continually preached the gospel that just about anything harvested from the sea could and should be eaten.  He began a series of annual seafood dinners that featured "unusual" fishes, such as roast porpoise and shark.  Harvey's gospel was popular with fishermen and processors who were looking for new products to harvest and sell, but unfortunately it had marginal success with the public for many years."

Source: Astoria Seafoods Laboratory, the first 60 years (1938-1998) by Pamela A. Rogers