Duncan Pasewark

M.S. Food Science and Technology
duncan.pasewark [at] oregonstate.edu

Seafood Research & Education Center

OSU Seafood Laboratory 2001 Marine Dr. Ste 253

OSU Seafood Laboratory
2001 Marine Dr. Ste 253
Astoria, OR 97103-3420

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Food Science and Technology
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I am currently working on protease inhibition in Pacific whiting under Dr. DeWitt.

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Personal Interests: 

In my free time, I enjoy distance running, hiking, and longboarding. I also enjoy cooking. My best ideas usually begin in the kitchen. 


I'm a proud West Texan that calls Lubbock, Texas home. I received my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University in May of 2018. My interest in food stems from a combination of my interests in biochemistry and experiences in my own kitchen. I one day hope to enter the field of food product development! 

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