The Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, a research component of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, is located off-campus.  COMES' fisheries and aquaculture research is based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, on the central Oregon coast.  COMES' seafood science and surimi research is based at OSU's Seafood Research & Education Center in Astoria, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Columbia River.

COMES - Newport

Newport's researchers focus on marine fisheries management, resource dynamics, ecology, economics, genetics, marketing, and sustainability, as well as on aquaculture, ecotoxicology, and impacts of sharks on marine systems.

Astoria Seafood Lab

In Astoria, the focus is on seafood-related research, incorporating improved quality, seafood safety, and value-added products.  The worldwide Surimi School is also headquartered here.

The Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station – the first marine experiment station in the nation – came into existence following a lobbying effort by Oregon's fishermen for more applied research in fishing management and marketing.   This idea, first broached in 1985, was adopted in 1989, when the Station – incorporating the previously established Astoria Laboratory – was officially established.