Kevin Nelson

M.S. Food Science and Technology
kevin.nelson [at]

Seafood Research & Education Center

OSU Seafood Laboratory 2001 Marine Dr. Ste 253

OSU Seafood Laboratory
2001 Marine Dr. Ste 253
Astoria, OR 97103-3420

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Seafood Research & Education Center
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I'm currently working on investigating the DNA content of processed fish milt under Dr. DeWitt.

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Personal Interests: 

When I'm not at the lab or on campus I'm running around on local trails or cooking up some new recipes in my kitchen. 


I earned my B.S. in Chemistry at The College of New Jersey and am extremely proud to call NJ my original home. I spent some time working in environmental consulting prior to accepting my position at the OSU Seafood Lab so I come from a pretty diverse scientific background. I have a wide breadth of experiences including quality assurance/quality control, laboratory management and auditing, organic extractions, programming, analytical chemistry and environmental remediation.