1. By-products/Waste
  2. Food Quality and Biochemistry
  3. Food Safety
  4. Surimi and Surimi Seafood
  5. Value-Added Processing/Product Development
  6. Another one to come...

From a fully operational pilot brewery to sensory science labs and Food Innovation Center in Portland, our world-class facilities are a resource to industry, researchers and students.

Chrisrtina DeWitt: Seafood Quality, Utilization and Safety

Current research is focused on improving quality and safety of Oregon seafood species and seafood by-product utilization.  Current projects involve investigating biochemical/chemical changes that occur in brined seafoods, correlations between bioimpedence measurements and seafood decomposition, and the use of innovative nano-scale slurry ices to improve seafood quality and safety.

Jung Kwon: Marine Bioactive Compounds and Health

Biological functions of natural dietary molecules derived from marine resources in health promotion and disease prevention. Research interest includes identifying marine-derived bioactive compounds with beneficial effects in obesity and associated metabolic syndrome focusing on the regulation of lipid metabolism and inflammation in adipose tissue; uncovering potential health value of seafood materials and underutilized aquatic resources to promote efficient utilization of the harvested resources.

Jae Park: Surimi Seafood and Fish Protein Innovation

OSU Surimi School