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Christina DeWitt
Director and Professor - OSU Seafood and Research & Education Center; Interim Director - Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
503-325-4531, Ext. 202
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My research interests are focused on efforts that improve seafood utilization, quality and safety. Particularly with regard to understanding how injection/marinade and high pressure processes can be used to enhance fresh product quality while minimizing impacts on nutritional value and safety...

Angela Hunt
Senior Faculty Research Assistant II
503-325-4531, Ext. 206
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Research Areas: Value-added fish protein R&D; Surimi and surimi seafood; Ingredient formulation testing; and Texture analysis.

Angee Hunt began working for Dr. Park as a Research Assistant at the OSU Seafood Lab in 1997. She was promoted to Senior Faculty Research...

Jung Kwon
Assistant Professor
503-325-4531, Ext. 205
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Biological functions of natural dietary molecules derived from marine resources in health promotion and disease prevention. Research interest includes identifying marine-derived bioactive compounds with beneficial effects in obesity and associated metabolic syndrome focusing on the regulation...

Jae Park
503-325-4531, Ext. 203
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Research Areas: Surimi and Surimi Seafood; Fish Proteins; Seafood Processing; By-product Utilization

Dr. Park has devoted his entire professional career to surimi research and education. Since 1992, he has distinguished himself internationally as the renowned champion...

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Elaine Ballinger
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I am a postdoctoral scholar working in Jung Kwon's lab. I am currently working to identify marine-derived peptides with activity in angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial assays. Our lab aims to identify beneficial nutraceutical effects of marine products and to minimize marine...

Support Staff
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Susan Hansell
Office Specialist 2
503-325-4531, Ext. 201
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Craig Holt
Chemist 1, Safety Officer and Facility Manager
503-325-4531, Ext. 212
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