These are your laboratory safety resources for the OSU Seafood Laboratory.  You should familiarize yourself with their contents prior to working in any of the laboratories.

Do you know the rules for working in a laboratory?  If not read the information provided below.

  • Hygiene Manual: This manual provides in depth information regarding working in any laboratory in the OSU Seafood Laboratory.  You will find information on emergency response, general safety, chemical disposal, and working with Biosafety Level 2 materials (pathogens and other toxic hazards).  Please familiarize yourself as appropriate to your work.

Chemistry Laboratory Safety RulesIf you want to work in the middle lab (Dr. DeWitt) you must acknowledge having read this document.

Waste Disposal Instructions:  This sheet tells you how to dispose of the waste you generate when doing laboratory analysis.  If the chemical you are dealing with is not on this list, consult the MSDS and Safety Officer, Craig Holt.

♦ Chemical Inventory: Log-in takes you to the EHS Assistant page.  Click on inventory.

Did you experience an accident in the laboratory?  If so, it must be reported to the OSU Office of Human Resources.  Fill out the appropriate form(s) below

  • Accident Report

Sharps Injury Log

Did you miss the last training session?  If so click on the link below: