Gramene Database: Navigating Plant Comparative Genomics Resources.

TitleGramene Database: Navigating Plant Comparative Genomics Resources.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGupta, P, Naithani, S, Tello-Ruiz, MKarey, Chougule, K, D’Eustachio, P, Fabregat, A, Jiao, Y, Keays, M, Lee, YKoung, Kumari, S, Mulvaney, J, Olson, A, Preece, J, Stein, J, Wei, S, Weiser, J, Huerta, L, Petryszak, R, Kersey, P, Stein, LD, Ware, D, Jaiswal, P
JournalCurrent plant biology
Date Published2016 Nov

Gramene ( is an online, open source, curated resource for plant comparative genomics and pathway analysis designed to support researchers working in plant genomics, breeding, evolutionary biology, system biology, and metabolic engineering. It exploits phylogenetic relationships to enrich the annotation of genomic data and provides tools to perform powerful comparative analyses across a wide spectrum of plant species. It consists of an integrated portal for querying, visualizing and analyzing data for 44 plant reference genomes, genetic variation data sets for 12 species, expression data for 16 species, curated rice pathways and orthology-based pathway projections for 66 plant species including various crops. Here we briefly describe the functions and uses of the Gramene database.