Sureerat "Note" Phuvasate

staff photo
Dr. Yi-Cheng Su

Sureerat received her B.S. in Food Science & Technology (FST) from Kasetsart University, Thailand, in 2003. She was then fortunate to start her M.S. program (also in FST) at Oregon State University under the guidance of Dr. Yi-Cheng Su in Fall 2005. After completing the M.S. program, she worked as a technician in his lab for 8 months and decided to pursue her Ph.D. program (with the same boss) in Winter 2009. Her current research focuses on the application of depuration as a post-harvest treatment for reducing Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters. She has shucked a few thousands of oysters and many more to come for her research.

Note is her Thai nickname with a meaning of musical notes (she hopes she can play any musical instrument). She is not afriad of trying something new. She enjoys cooking and hanging out with friends or even with a TV at home.