Sungik Hur

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Dr. Jae Park

I started school in the Food Science department the winter of 2010. After spring 2011, I moved to Astoria and began conducting research at the OSU Seafood Lab on crabstick with rice flour as a functional ingredient. I was born in Seoul, which is capital of South Korea. I attended Gyeongsang National University in Korea for my undergraduate degree where I studied seafood science. During those four years I started making surim and surimi gels such as imitation crabstick. After graduation in 2006, I started to study about functional and nutritional materials for two years as a graduate student in Korea.

Sungik graduated with and M.S. in Food Science and Technology on December 5, 2011.  His thesis was entitled: Rice Flour - A functional ingredient for premium crabstick and can be accessed here