Samanan "Sand" Poowakanjana

staff photo
Dr. Jae Park

Prior to coming to the Seafood Lab, Sand got a Bachelor degree from the Department of Microbiology, Chulalongkorn University, Thialand, in 2006. He started the Master degree program at Oregon State University with Dr.Park in 2007. He transfered into the PhD program starting Winter 2010. During the last 3 years, Sand has been studying the spectroscopic and rheological properties of surimi as affected by various chopping conditions. This will be the title of his PhD thesis when he defends his degree in 2012.   

Born with the talent of making fun of people, he has his own way of enetertaining. They won't understand what he is going to do until they laugh. Sand always travels whenever his boss says he can go. But that rarely happens.

Motto: If look could kill, you would be dead already. 

Dr. Poowakanjana completed his Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology in February 28, 2012.

His thesis was entitled: Rheological and spectrcopic Characterization of surimi under various comminuting and heating conditions and can be accessed here