Dr. Austin Lowder

staff photo

Austin Lowder hails from Garland, Texas.  Austin obtained his BS and MS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University (2007/2009).  His MS thesis, under the guidance of Dr. Wes Osburn, explored the use of blended lipid solutions to improve the nutritional profile of meat products.  He initiated his doctoral studies at Oklahoma State University investigating sodium reduction in injected beef loins before transferring to Oregon State University in 2011. He is now investigating the use of high pressure (HPP) and high pressure-low temperature (HPLT) processing in fresh and injected beef and will earn his PhD in Food Science in June 2013.

Austin is Currently serving a post-doctorate fellowship for Dr. John Killifer in OSU Animal & Rangeland Science

Hobbies:  Making sausage and dry-cured meats, baking bread