Dr. Chengchu Liu

staff photo

Dr. Liu began her career as food scientist in 1992 and has spent over 20 years in food science teaching, research and extension service. Dr. Liu’s work has been focused on seafood safety and processing has successfully obtaining external funding to support multidisciplinary research in seafood safety and quality, and value-added product development. She has edited/co-edited 5 books, co-authored 15 book chapters, had 10 patents, and published over 70 peer-reviewed articles. As a certified Seafood HACCP Qualified Trainer and Seafood Sanitation Control Procedures (SCP) Trainer, Dr. Liu has also actively engaged in Seafood HACCP and Seafood Sanitation Training Program, and provided a variety of extension service to seafood communities.

Dr. Liu’s research on development of novel post-harvest technologies to reduce pathogen contamination to ensure seafood safety has been achieving worldwide recognition and impact. She was invited to attend the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on the Risk Assessment Tools for Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus Associated with Seafoods, and elected as a Life Time Honored Member of Phi Tau Sigma. In addition, she has been invited to serve as a Steering Committee Member of the UNESCO/IOC/WESTPAC Project on Toxic Marine Organisms and Their Toxins, Academic Member of the Joint FAO/WHO Electronic Expert Group on Assessment of the Public Health Risk due to the presence of Salmonella in bibalve mollusks, and Receiving Editor of Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology.